A.L. Post, Inc. specializes in dental office construction, remodels, and expansions. The company has completed general dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontic, and pediatric dentistry offices around the United States.

The company offers planning, design and construction services for the development of dental facilities for general dentistry, and dental specialty practices (pediatrics, orthodontics, oral surgery). A.L. Post takes dental clients through any and all of the following framework of services to achieve a finished product:

  • Establish capacity requirements
  • Determine space needs
  • Evaluate potential building sites and/or lease spaces
  • Prepare and refine layout
  • Calculate initial construction budget
  • Prepare complete construction and permit drawings
  • Architectural
  • Structural (if required)
  • Site Engineering (if required)
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Precise coordination with dental equipment requirements
  • Conduct formal bid process w/prequalified subcontractors
  • Secure all applicable permits & approvals
  • Provide full-service construction from groundbreaking to closeout

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